Green Dot is Bystander Intervention against all forms of power based violence.  Green Dot is the educational tool used by A Call to Action Oconee for the community.

   A Call to Action Oconee's recent October event, Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence, was a wonderful success.

   WYFF Anchor Michael Cogdill spoke on the subject of Domestic Violence and how to move from a place of domestic violence to becoming a passionate voice for Domestic Peace.

   We are so grateful that he was able to join us as we continue this community campaign in speaking against Domestic Violence.

 Sheriff Michael Crenshaw speaking on the Domestic Violence issues

Robbin Potrafka


We need the community to help us spread the word, educate and be willing to make a stand against domestic violence and other forms of power based violence in South Carolina.  South Carolina is number 5 in domestic violence deaths in the nation!

Our Mission

Group of providers from Welcome Wesleyan Church


  Green Dot training will be offered in several locations.

Celeste Norris


Green Dot Bystander Intervention Trainer

Join Us

Upcoming Events

Group of Green Dot volunteers

Rev. Patricia Grant, Sheriff Michael Crenshaw, WYFF anchor Michael Cogdill, Green Dot Bystander Intervention Trainer Celeste Norris and Sergeant Jay Freeman with the Sheriff's Department.

Janete Hunter

Prayer Intercessor

Coordinator of training events

Meet Our Team

Suzanne Merrell


Green Dot Bystander Intervention Trainer

Celeste Norris, Green Dot Bystander Intervention trainer, sharing Red Dot incidents that have occurred in Oconee County 

Urgent Projects

A Call to Action Oconee Is a community campaign to reduce the incidents of domestic violence and other power based violence in South Carolina, beginning with Oconee County.